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Support the Intelligence Analysis Program

There are many ways you can support the Intelligence Analysis Program.  

  • Keep your alumni information up to date.
  • Spend some time with our students, sharing your work or life experiences in a class or student organization meeting.
  • Host a class visit at your workplace. 

You can also support us through tax deductible donations to specific funds:

Support the IA Program

Intelligence Analysis Program 
This fund was established to provide general support of the Intelligence Analysis Program.  It can be used to support a range of educational and scholarly activities by students and faculty in the program.

John B. Noftsinger Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established in the memory of Dr. John B. Noftsinger, Jr., a professor in ISAT and Vice Provost for Research and Public Service, as well as a graduate of JMU (’85).  He was an important advocate of the Intelligence Analysis program, fostering its early development and securing support for the program at both the state and federal levels.  The fund supports a scholarship in the IA program, which is given to an outstanding third or fourth-year student.  

Elizabeth F. Walton Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Elizabeth Walton, the wife of IA faculty member Dr. Timothy R. Walton, had a long and distinguished career in intelligence analysis in the United States government. This fund has been established in her honor to support students who would like to follow in her footsteps.

Support Student Projects

Student Project Fund

Undergraduate Research Support

These two accounts (Student Project and Undergraduate Research) support student capstone projects in all three undergraduate programs (BSISAT, GS, IA) in the ISAT Department. Many capstone projects rely critically on small-scale funding, which is often difficult to obtain from outside sources. This fund helps to provide some of these funds, which can enable projects that would otherwise not be possible. Funding to projects is competitive and is allocated on the basis of merit and impact. A gift to the annual expendable fund will have an immediate impact on what we can support this year; a gift to the endowment will contribute indefinitely.

Support Study Abroad

CISE Study Abroad Scholarship
This scholarship was established to assist students with a declared major in the College of Integrated Science and Engineering who plan to participate in a Study Abroad Program.

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