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Incoming IA freshmen are required to take IA150: Introduction to Intelligence Analysis. 

Full Admission to IA occurs after fall sophomore year. The top students (based on their grades in IA 200, IA 240, and IA 261) will be invited to continue. (A minimum grade of “C” is required in each of the three courses, but higher will likely be needed to be among those chosen. 

  • ISAT 251 or Math 220 (statistics) is a required part of the curriculum.

  • Study abroad is optional but strongly recommended for those with a language/regional specialty between sophomore and junior year.

  • An internship with an intelligence agency or private business is optional but strongly recommended either between sophomore and junior years or between junior and senior years.

A complete listing of all core and elective courses are available in the IA program section of the official JMU Undergraduate Catalog.


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