Our phones and devices have become a necessity for work, communiation, entertainment and more. The evolving technology is a wonderful thing; however, even a good thing can have negative conswequences if it's used in excess.

Excessive screen time has been linked to sleep disorders, mental health concerns, lack of physical activity, and more. The point of this challenge isn't to restrict screen time just for the sake of restricting something, or to judge ourselves for the time we spend on screens. It's simply to become more intentional about our screen time, so that we know that when we interact with our screens, it's the result of a conscious choice.

This challenge encourages you to track your screen time with a goal of reducing the amount of unproductive time you are spending on a device. Below you will find tips on helping you reduce your interactions with your devices as well as articles about the impact of excessive screen time.

Download the tracker here

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