Journaling has many benefits,  It can help you achieve goals by holding yuou accountable so that you can keep better track of your intentions. It can be a tool to help you track progress and growth, strengthen your memory and even reduce stress and anxiety.

This challenge encourages you to start the habit of journaling. This might not be something that you are familiar with, so we are happy to provide you with a variety of prompts and ideas to get you started.A journal entry can be as short as a few sentences or as long as several pages - it will all depend on you and your writing. And a journal doesn't have to be anything fancy. You can open a word document and type out your thoughts, you can buy an inexpensive spiral notebook and write out your words, or you can invest in a fancy leatherbound journal if you wish. The options for how you journal and for the type of journal you use are endless.

For the challenge, we'd like you to journal every day for 4 weeks; however, we hope that you will continue this habit long after that.

Download the journal tracker here

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