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Affinity groups are loosely structured employee resource and recreational groups meant to encourage engagement and community among faculty & staff. 

Below are the current active affinity groups on campus:

Fishing Club

Contact: Matt Phillippi, phill2mr@jmu.edu


Contact: Jana Walters; walterjr@jmu.edu


Contact: Tara Roe; roetb@jmu.edu

Madison Gamers

Contact:  Trevor Cockburn, cockbuta@jmu.edu

New Moms

Contact:  Courtney Pelfrey, pelfrecm@jmu.edu

              Kathleen Sensabaugh, sensabkb@jmu.edu

Page & Shenandoah County Faculty & Staff

Contact:  Margaret Sloan, sloanmf@jmu.edu

Racquet Sports

Contact:  Leslie Dutt, duttlj@jmu.edu

UnWind (knitting & crocheting)

Contact:  Kristin Knapp, knappkl@jmu.edu



If you are interested in participating in any of these groups, please contact the person listed.  If you would like to start a new affinity group, or if you would like to promote your existing group on our page, please email Tara Roe – roetb@jmu.edu 

Affinity groups are not supported or sponsored by JMU, the Human Resources Department, or any other university office. HR’s purpose in promoting these groups is to facilitate connections between JMU employees for their mutual enjoyment. JMU assumes no responsibility for the actions of the individuals who have organized the affinity groups, and specifically has no liability for any affinity group activities. Individuals joining the group or taking part in the activities do so at their own risk.

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