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What Are Wellness Workshops?

Wellness Workshops are events offered by JMU and the surrounding community to help you keep a balanced, healthy, and happy life. We have events periodically throughout the year, check out our upcoming and past events!

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Upcoming Events
Relearn to Relax

Meditation is the simple, scientifically proven brain exercise that helps you be more tuned in to your day and relax by rewiring your brain to deal differently with stress. And, practicing meditation and enjoying its benefits, like feeling happier and less overwhelmed, doesn’t require the perfect conditions or a huge time commitment.

The Relearn to Relax: CommonHealth’s Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness for Busy Beginners program guides you through a 5 minute meditation exercise to practice daily.

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Past Events
Reset Your Life: Setting and Achieving Effective Goals

Learn how to be effective with goal planning, establish and implement goals that allow you to reset your life in 2019!

Heart Healthy for Life

Balanced Dukes will be partnering with the American Heart Association (AHA) to give simple tips for adding wellness into your daily life to get you and your community heart healthy for life!

Back to Work After Baby

This workshop is to make the transition a bit easier. We want you to feel empowered and supported upon returning to work at JMU.



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