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What Are Wellness Workshops?

Wellness Workshops are events offered by JMU and the surrounding community to help you keep a balanced, healthy, and happy life. We have events periodically throughout the year, check out our upcoming and past events!

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Upcoming Events
Past Events

Check out the workshops recently offered!


Mental Health First Aid: teaches students, faculty and staff basic information and skills needed to provide support for those with mental illness and substance use disorders. It is appropriate for primary care professionals, employers and business leaders, faith communities, school personnel and educators, state police and corrections officers, nursing home staff, mental health authorities, state policymakers, volunteers, young people, families and the general public.

Reset Your Life: Setting and Achieving Effective Goals:  This workshop focused on effective goal planning, establishing and implementing goals that allow you to reset and manage your life.

Heart Healthy for Life:  Balanced Dukes collaborated with the American Heart Association (AHA) for this workshop giving participants simple tips for adding wellness into their daily lives.

Back to Work After Baby:  This workshop was offered to help make the transition back to work a bit easier.

Present Moment:  Mindfulness in a Busy World:  This workshop helped participants learn about the benefits of mindfulness and practice mindfulness meditation and guided imagery.

Caregivers Community Network:  Participants were able to learn more about the Caregivers Community Network supported through Valley Program for Aging Services (VAPS) and JMU. This program offers respite to caregivers of those who are 60 years old and older in Harrisonburg and Rockingham. 

From Tales to Tree:  Genealogy Workshop:  This exciting, interactive genealogy workshop helped participants glean some tips and insight in the process of piecing their family’s story together.

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