Finding time to move our bodies throughout the day can sometimes be difficult. This challenge takes just 7 minutes out of your day and can be completed anywhere:  at home, in the office, while you travel, etc...

For this challenge, we encourage you to carve out 7 minutes of your day to complete this workout. The workout is broken down into 12 moves. You will do each move for 30 seconds and rest for 10 seconds in between.

You will complete the following exercises in this workout:

  • jumping jacks
  • wall-sit
  • push ups
  • crunches
  • step-ups onto a chair (please find a sturdy chair without wheels)
  • squats
  • tricep dips
  • plank hold
  • high knees/running in place
  • lunges
  • push ups with a rotation
  • side planks

Below you will find a link for a video that will prompt you through the 7-minute workout and a printout if you would prefer that option.


Download the tracker here

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