Graduate Showcase Award Winners

Erin Hernon and Daniel Romero

Top Poster Presentation

Communication Sciences and Disorders, Audiology, AuD
Magnitude Estimates of Angular Motion: Perception of Speed and Displacement Across Vestibular and Visual Modalities


Sarah Alahmadi

Top Oral Presentation, Doctoral Student

Assessment and Measurement, Ph.D.
Large-Scale Assessment during a Pandemic: Results from James Madison University's Assessment Day


Nicole Ashby, Jessica Rogers, Megan Sadler

Top Oral Presentation, Master's Student

Occupational Therapy, MOT
Evaluating Knowledge, Confidence, and Stress Levels After a Four-Week Educational Intervention for Expectant Mothers

Graduate School Achievement Awards

Emily Thomas Waters
Innovation Award - M.M. Music Education   

Waters reimagined the teaching of ‘strings’, through the use of “Hip Hop.”  The nominator, Dr. Lisa Maynard, says, “…this current project that Emily will use…involves the creation of a string orchestra method book and website using Hip Hop music. This is very innovative given that no other method books for orchestra exist in this genre.”

Ardyn Tennyson
Civic Engagement Award - English M.A.

Tennyson was nominated for the “crucial work of advancing racial equity both on campus, in the community, and in the wider world”, particularly with her commitment to the annual AAAD Conference. The nominator, Dr. David Babcock, says, “She has shown a deep and sustained commitment to carrying her commitment to racial equity beyond her coursework and into public spaces that reach far beyond the JMU campus.”

Danielle Moss
Community Engagement Award - Communication SCiences and Disorders Ph.D.

Moss was nominated for her work with Bahamian children and assessment of development language disorder (DLD). The nominator, Dr. Geralyn Timler, says, “Danielle is extremely committed to improve clinical services for children who speak dialects other than General American English and continues to work with Bahamian children through provision of speech language services.”

Susan Gouthro
Outstanding Dissertation Award - Doctor of Musical Arts

The Integration of the Interactive Teaching Method (ITM) of the Alexander Technique in Vocal Pedagogy.

Lakshmi Magudilu Srishyla Kumar
Outstanding Dissertation Award - Communication SCiences and Disorders Ph.D.

Measuring Listening Effort Using Physiological, Behavioral and Subjective Methods in Normal Hearing Subjects: Effect of Signal to Noise Ratio and Presentation Level

Kayla Schroeder
Outstanding Thesis Award - M.Ed., Equity and Cultural Diversity

Examining the Identities of White Cisgender Female Elementary Education Pre-Service Teachers: A Qualitative Case Study

Kathryn Thompson
Outstanding Thesis Award - M.A., Psychological Sciences, Concentration: Quantitative Psychology

The Effects of Undesirable Distractors on Estimates of Ability

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