For some quick answers and links, see the Honors FAQ or the Honors College Webpage. Honors application forms are available via these links as well.

The following is a summary of Honors research in the Department of Geology and Environmental Science. Please be sure to consult with the Honors College for specific deadlines and requirements:

Although Honors research is listed as a geology course (Geol 499), it is in fact done jointly with the Honors Office, and requires separate application to the Honors Office by April 1 of the junior year. There are three types of honors student, Honors Scholars (27 honors credits), Subject-Area Honors (24 honors credits), and Project Only students.

Students in all categories are full members of the Honors College; once a project/thesis proposal is accepted, the Project Only students are full-fledged members of the Honors College with full privileges and responsibilities. Project Only honors students, however, participate only in the seniors honor research project. Honors research requires a GPA of 3.25. Upon completion your diploma will read "With Distinction."

Honors research projects (Geol 499) do not necessarily differ from those done under Geol 497, but are more formal. There are some specific Honors research project requirements:

  • The project is completed in a three-semester sequence and will carry six hours of undergraduate credit.
  • A project proposal is required. Proposal deadlines are early November for fall semester and early April for spring semester.
  • Formation of a review committee by the end of your junior year, consisting of your major advisor, and two readers from either inside or outside the department who will guide and advise you on your research.
  • A bound thesis is required at the end of the project. (Theses are bound by the library; all you supply is 3 copies of the finished manuscript.)

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