Put simply—the JMU Foundation passionately supports the James Madison University community of students, faculty, alumni and donors.

All great universities have an active and vital foundation working solely to support them. Madison has declared its ambitions to become the national model of the Engaged University and to undertake a comprehensive campaign to achieve that goal. JMU's aspiration means the time is right for us at the JMU Foundation to activate our vision of providing an ever-growing and sustainable source of private support to the cause of James Madison University. As the official champion of the JMU Endowment, our advocacy, asset management, stewardship and philanthropy here at the JMU Foundation are vital to the future of the Madison community.

Who gives to the JMU Foundation?

You do. When you give to James Madison University, you do so through the JMU Foundation.

The JMU Foundation receives your annual or endowed major or planned gift as well as gifts of real estate, gifts-in-kind, stocks and more. All gifts to Madison are managed and stewarded by the JMU Foundation so that funds are disbursed according to the donors' wishes in support of JMU students, professors and programs. When you make a gift to your department or to scholarships or to honor your favorite professor, for instance, the JMU Foundation administers your gift on behalf of Madison. So, when you give through the JMU Foundation, you are directly supporting James Madison University.

What do gifts to the JMU Foundation accomplish?

Gifts to the JMU Foundation improve James Madison University's ability to deliver excellence on every level of its distinctive mission to produce educated and enlightened citizens who lead productive and meaningful lives.

In the world today, the stakes are higher than ever. As state support for higher education dwindles, Madison's programs that innovate solutions to societal issues are at risk of going unfunded. And deserving students are increasingly priced out of the Madison Experience that will equip them to become the engaged and ethical leaders the world desperately seeks. By supporting JMU students, professors and programs, gifts to the JMU Foundation will enable Madison to fulfill its vision of becoming the national model of the Engaged University and lead a transformation of national expectations for higher education's role in society. Generous donors, like you, who match their passion to make a difference in the world with an investment in Madison will help achieve that vision.

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