Gifts of Stock

Each year, many donors choose to make gifts for the benefit of James Madison University using appreciated stock or mutual funds that have been held for more than one year.  Such gifts often offer donors greater tax advantages than gifts of cash or other resources.  A donation of securities allows you to reduce or possibly eliminate the federal capital gains tax on the transfer and may allow you an income tax charitable deduction.

Value of Stock:


Selling stock and donating the proceeds to JMU

Donating stock directly to JMU



Long-term capital gains tax paid
(assumes 15% capital gains rate)

- $1,500


Charitable contribution /
your chartiable deduction



Additional dollars donated to JMU >>>


The example above assumes you wish to donate shares of stock worth $15,000 that you purchased for $5,000 several years ago. In this chart, you avoid paying capital gains tax, and your gift of appreciated stock provides an additional $1,500 in support to JMU. Please consult with your tax or financial adviser to understand the tax benefits available given your specific circumstances.

When making a gift of securities we ask that either you or your broker contact the JMU Foundation to share information on your intended gift, including the anticipated number of shares, name of the company and any designation or restriction on your gift.  You may call (888) 303-9939 or (540) 568-3187 or email

You may use either one of these forms for notification to the JMU Foundation:

Please advise your broker to direct the transfer of stock or mutual fund shares to one of the following accounts:

Wells Fargo Advisors, DTC #0141
Account #: 4465-1650
Account Name: James Madison University Foundation, Inc.
Attention:  T. Edgar Sipe, Managing Director - Investments or Marshall F. Kiser, First Vice President, Investment Officer

2011 Evelyn Byrd Avenue
P.O. Box 1187
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
Toll-Free – 800-879-9926


Janney Montgomery Scott, DTC #0374
Account #: 7025-2245
Account Name:  James Madison University Foundation, Inc.
Attention:  Michael Gochenour, Executive Vice President - Investments

313 Neff Avenue, Suite E
Harrisonburg, VA  22801
Toll-Free – 877-567-6778

The value of your stock gift will be calculated by averaging the high and low trading prices of the stock on the date of the gift.  The value of a gift of mutual fund shares will be the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the mutual fund as of the end of the day on the date of the gift. The date of the gift is the date the securities are credited to our brokerage account.

If your stock is in certificate form, please contact the JMU Foundation at (888) 303-9939 or (540) 568-3187 for appropriate instructions. 

Cash Wire Instructions:

The following is the information needed to initiate a wire transfer to the Foundation’s Wells Fargo brokerage account:

Domestic Incoming Wires:  4465-1650

Wells Fargo Bank
420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA  94104

ABA Routing Number:  121000248


First Clearing, LLC
1 North Jefferson
St. Louis, MO  63103

Account number:  4122023377

Further credit: James Madison University Foundation, Inc. and account #4465-1650

The wiring instructions can be confirmed with the following Wells Fargo representatives:
T. Edgar Sipe - (800) 879-9926 or Carole Burke - (540) 801-3213

Additional information on year-end giving can be found here: 2023 Year-End Giving

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