The James Madison University Foundation Board adopted the following strategic themes at its February 12, 2021 meeting. Objectives and action items are developed annually by the foundation staff and approved by the board to facilitate the accomplishment these goals.

Theme One: Clear Role of the Foundation
Ensure constituents understand the primary role of the Foundation is stewardship and investment which support the work of advocacy and education.

Theme Two: Prudent Investment Policy
Grow the assets of the endowment with a long term investment approach that seeks to generate risk-adjusted returns that exceed spending and inflation.

Theme Three: Innovation
Utilize and embrace innovation to improve stewardship, university research, communication, and student support.

Theme Four: Internal/External Communication
Improve both internal and external communication effectiveness, leveraging thoughtful strategy with a variety of tools and media.

Theme Five: Board Engagement
Increase the level of Board engagement both internally and externally to create greater support for the James Madison University community.

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