A passionate mentor and advisor to the next generation of young girls and women, Dr. Angela D. Reddix ('90) is a leading advocate for entrepreneurship as a way of creating positive transformation in the world. Her own entrepreneurial drive led to the formation of ARDX, a multimillion-dollar, award-winning healthcare management and IT consulting firm with approximately 100 employees dedicated to improving the lives of our nation’s most vulnerable populations.

Reddix is also the founder of Envision Lead Grow, a Norfolk-based nonprofit organization for aspiring girls to gain the critical skills and dedication needed to accomplish their dreams through entrepreneurship. She is the author of two books, Envision Lead Grow: Releasing the Boss Within and Business Success Secrets: Entrepreneurial Thinking That Works.

They have committed $1.1 million to support first-generation students at JMU. The gift names the Reddix Center for First Generation Students and also establishes the Reddix Centennial Scholarship Endowment. 

The Reddix'

“We are delighted to leave a powerful mark on a university that has left such a powerful mark on our lives,” said Angela and Carl Reddix. “May this center be a representation that regardless of where you start, we can all reach impossible dreams.” 

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