.100 General

This procedure highlights the key provisions of the university's insurance coverage and provides information for reporting losses. The Commonwealth of Virginia provides several Risk Management Plans and individual insurance policies for insurance coverage. The university also obtains individual insurance policies for specific types of coverage.

The Division of Risk Management, the adjustment company or the insurance provider determines coverage for property loss or damage and for liability claims. Applicable coverage is determined after reviewing and evaluating pertinent information concerning the damage, loss or liability claim.  University employees, who become aware of a potential insurance claim, should not make any statements, such as, "the university or the state will cover this" when discussing insurance coverage.

.200 Responsibilities

.210 Office of Risk Management

  1. Administers the risk management programs of the university to include procurement of insurance and the handling of claims, (except state-owned vehicles and workers compensation) associated with the university's insurance coverage.
  2. Responds to questions concerning coverage, requests for "Certificate of Insurance," claims, losses, damages or filing of claims (except state owned vehicles and workers' compensation).

.220 Office of Facilities Management

  1. Provides accident report forms for reporting accidents with state-owned vehicles.
  2. Receives completed accident report forms and forwards to the Insurance carrier for processing.

.230 Office of Human Resources

  1. Administers the workers' compensation program.
  2. Submits workers' compensation accident reports to the Division of Risk Management to determine if they are compensative.
  3. Acts as liaison for James Madison University employees regarding workers' compensation claim questions and issues regarding service providers.
  4. Verifies lost time wage information and reimbursement checks received from the Division of Risk Management before releasing them to the Office of Payroll Accounting.

.240 Office of Public Safety

Safety Engineer

  1. Maintains files of "First Report of Injury" forms forwarded by Human Resources.
  2. Reviews incidents, classifies related reports either as "reportable" or "recordable."
  3. Conducts follow-up investigations and inspections when and where necessary.
  4. Provides analysis, makes recommendations, issues pertinent directives. Consults Human Resources, Risk Management and/or the Department of Labor and Industry when appropriate.
  5. Compiles related annual and semi-annual reports.


  1. Investigates vehicular accidents involving state-owned vehicles within their jurisdiction.
  2. Completes FR-300P accident report form and submits it to the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  3. Completes SP209 accident report form and submits it to the Virginia State Police.
  4. Maintains related files on station.

.250 University Employees

  1. Contact the Safety Engineer to review any perceived risks and to report immediately any loss or occurrence that could require insurance coverage.
  2. Contact Facilities Management Operations to report accidents with state-owned vehicles. Completes the Accident Report Form and returns it to Facilities Management Operations within five days of the accident.
  3. Contact Human Resources regarding Workers' Compensation claims.

.300 Insurance Coverage

.310 Automobile Insurance

.311 State-Owned Vehicles


The Automobile Plan covers liability claims against the university and the driver and medical payments. This Plan also provides coverage, with a deductible, for comprehensive and collision damage on state owned vehicles. The Automobile Plan insurance covers the vehicle. It does not cover occupants personal possessions. Workers' Compensation insurance covers work related injury to state employees.


Claim reporting procedures "IF YOU HAVE AN ACCIDENT" should be in a packet in the glove compartment of each State vehicle. If a packet is not in the vehicle, please request one from the James Madison University Facilities Management, Motor Pool Office, or download the forms directly from the Office of Risk Management Website:


Certificate of Coverage information and form is found at:


Employees must report all accidents that occur off campus and involves university vehicles immediately to the State Police. If the accident occurs on a state university or college campus in Virginia, report the accident to the Office of Public Safety or Police Department for the campus where it occurs. The vehicle operator must also contact James Madison University Facilities Management, Motor Pool Office, within five days. The vehicle operator should not admit fault or liability when discussing the incident.

.312 Personal Vehicles Used for University Business Purposes


When an employee of the university is driving his or her personal vehicle on university business, The Automobile Plan applies only after the employee's personal insurance limit of liability is reached. The Automobile Plan does not apply toward comprehensive, collision damage, or medical coverage.


Employees should contact the Office of Risk Management, if a claim occurs and they believe they may exceed their own insurance liability limits.

.313 Rental Cars Used for University Business Purposes


Coverage applies only in the United States, its territories or possessions, Puerto Rico or Canada.

The State's automobile insurance is applicable only toward the liability portion when employees of the university use rental vehicles for university business. The coverage applies only after exhausting the rental agency's liability coverage. While the employee is on university business, the Automobile Plan is responsible for all costs of collision and/or comprehensive damage. The Automobile Plan coverage does not apply to personal possessions.

Employees using rental vehicles should not buy additional insurance offered by the car rental agency when traveling on university business. The cost of additional insurance is not reimbursable.


The State Division of Risk Management has issued accident instruction packets for university travelers. The packet provides the number of an insurance agency to call if there is physical damage to a rental vehicle, as well as forms needed to file an accident claim. Extra packets are available upon request at the Office of Risk Management, or by downloading the forms directly from their website:


For additional information, please refer to Section 4215, subsection .300, "Travel Regulations".

.320 General Liability


The Risk Management Plan provides coverage to employees for errors or omissions of any nature while acting in the authorized governmental capacity in the course and scope of employment or authorization. Coverage is subject to the terms of The Risk Management Plan. The Division of Risk Management decides specific coverage issues. The State Attorney General's Office provides legal defense.

This coverage has no deductible. As of July 1, 1990, the upper limit for employees is $2,000,000 and has a $100,000 limit, by law, for the university.


Contact the Office of Risk Management to report the incident. Employees should not admit fault or liability when discussing the incident.

.330 Property Insurance


The Property Insurance Plan provides coverage for the buildings of the university and all contents belonging to the university and the Commonwealth. More specifically, The Property Insurance Plan insures items such as furniture, computers, software, accounts receivable records, property on exhibit, musical instruments, and leased equipment. The coverage insures against such perils as theft, vandalism, fire, wind, earthquakes, floods, etc. The Property Insurance Plan does not cover personal articles belonging to employees or students.

Each property loss claim is subject to a $10,000 deductible. If a claim is projected to be $0.00 - $9,999, there would be no reimbursement for the loss or damage. In such cases, no claim should be submitted.

The university must follow procurement guidelines for replacement or repair of lost or stolen items.

The university will obtain coverage for articles exhibited on the campus. Departments that sponsor exhibits may request insurance coverage by contacting the Office of Risk Management before making any commitments concerning the exhibit. The department must provide the following information for this insurance coverage:

  • Description and value of articles for exhibit;
  • Location and inclusive dates of the exhibit;
  • Name, address, telephone and fax numbers of owner and agent, if any; and
  • Dates and method of shipment if the university is to provide coverage for articles in transit.

Departments that need to ship items or have loan items shipped, and are contractually obligated, may obtain insurance coverage by contacting the Office of Risk Management, prior to shipment. The department must provide the destination and bill of lading number for overseas shipments.


Report all losses immediately to the university Office of Public Safety.

Report any loss or damage to university property, (buildings and contents) from theft, vandalism, fire, wind, electrical, water, etc. to the Office of Risk Management. Prompt reporting and documentation will allow faster reimbursement from the State Division of Risk Management. Late reporting or delays in repair or documentation can delay or forfeit reimbursement.

Insurance coverage is for the replacement cost of a like item. Departments may upgrade the item of equipment, but any amount over the replacement cost must be at departmental expense. For example, a department replaces a stolen Model 386 computer that has a replacement cost of $2,500 with a Model 486 at a cost of $3,500. The $3,500 cost of the Model 486 is a charge to the departmental budget. The check for insurance coverage on the stolen equipment, $1,500 ($2,500 less $1,000 deductible) is a credit, leaving a net charge of $2,000 ($1,000 cost to upgrade and $1,000 insurance deductible) to the department.

Departments may start repairs to damaged property immediately. When an item is not repairable, the department must obtain a statement from a technician (such as a computer repair technician from the Office of P. C. Repairs for computers) stating that the item is not repairable. The department must retain damaged items that are not repairable, until they receive notification from the Division of Risk Management releasing the items.

Refer to subsection .500 "Procedures for Reporting Losses and Filing Reimbursement Claims," for additional information.

.340 Other Insurance

The university and the State also provide other insurance coverage. This subsection provides a brief overview of some of the coverage.

.341 Workers' Compensation

The Workers' Compensation Plan provides coverage for employees injured during working hours. The State insurance coverage for workers' compensation fully conforms to statutory requirements. Employees may obtain information and specific coverage by calling the Office of Human Resources.

.342 Boiler and Machinery

The State procured policy provides specialized insurance coverage for some failures of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. Departments should address questions regarding loss reporting or coverage of boiler or machinery to the Office of Risk Management.

.343 Money and Securities

The Property Plan covers the university for losses of money, securities, or checks by the actual destruction, disappearance, or wrongful abstraction. It does not cover employee dishonesty or accounting errors. The Plan includes a deductible of $10,000. Employees should address all questions concerning money and securities coverage, losses or filing of claims to the Office of Risk Management.

.344 Medical Malpractice

The Medical Malpractice Plan provides coverage to the university and to employees in the medical or medical related professions. Employees should address all questions concerning medical malpractice, coverage, losses or filing of claims to the Office of Risk Management.

.400 Coverage for Students

.410 Individual Students

For insurance purposes, the university may consider registered and enrolled university students, required by the curriculum to participate in supervised and graded practicum or periods of service outside the school, as agents of the Commonwealth. This insurance coverage applies to students participating in state, local government, federal or private agencies, organizations or entities. The coverage is under the Automobile, General Liability and Medical Malpractice Plans. Address all questions concerning coverage for students, as agents of the Commonwealth, to the Office of Risk Management.

.420 Student Groups

The Commonwealth of Virginia Risk Management Plans or university procured insurance does not provide specific coverage for organized student groups. These groups should address any questions concerning coverage to the Office of Risk Management.

.500 Processing Procedures for Property Losses and Filing Reimbursement Claims

.510 Department

  • Reports loss or damage immediately to the Office of Public Safety.
  • Reports loss or damage, within forty-eight (48) hours of discovery, to the Office of Risk Management.
  • Completes two copies of the "Property Loss Notice," maintains one copy for departmental files and forwards the original copy, within forty-eight hours of discovery, to the Office of Risk Management. Documents the urgency for making repairs or replacing the equipment on the form.
  • Retains damaged property in a secure location to protect it from further damage. Provides access to the damaged property for insurance inspection purposes.
  • Maintains all information that documents the loss. Examples of information that could be useful are:
    • Copies of original purchase documents and vendor invoices (if available).
    • Sunflower number assigned to damaged or lost equipment.
    • Inventory (list) of items destroyed, damaged or lost.
    • Copy of police report for stolen items.
    • Names and telephone numbers of individuals familiar with the damage or loss.
    • Itemized invoice or report of repair costs. Repairs completed by university employees should include an itemized description of labor used, the nature of the work provided, hours, base labor rate and justification for any overtime. For damage caused by lightning, provide verification of such, from the repair service.
    • If items are replaced, provide verification from repair service that the items cannot be repaired or estimates showing that repair costs exceed replacement costs.
    • If exact item is not available, provide verification of unavailability from the vendor and that the replacement is comparable.
  • Prepares appropriate documents (Purchase Requisition, DPO, Work Order, etc.) for replacement or repair of the property. Charges equipment repairs or replacement to the departmental organization and has the signatory authority for the organization approve the transaction document.
  • Upon receipt of the replaced item (new or repaired) forwards all available information, to include items one through six listed above, to the Office of Risk Management.

.520 Office of Risk Management

  • Reports losses estimated to exceed $10,000, immediately by telephone to the Department of the Treasury, Division of Risk Management.
  • Upon receipt of information documenting the loss, forward this information and a copy of the completed Property Loss Notice to the Department of the Treasury, Division of Risk Management.
  • Provides Division of Risk Management with correct contact information and mailing address for disbursement of funds (insurance payment) by check.
  • Maintains copies of Property Loss Notice and supporting loss documentation in the Office of Risk Management insurance files.

.600 Form Preparation and Submission

.610 Property Loss Notice

.611 Required:

The university requires this form to report any loss or damage to university property (buildings and contents) from theft, vandalism, fire, wind, electrical, water, and certain other causes.

.612 Where to Obtain Blank Forms

A blank electronic copy of this form is available @ https://www.jmu.edu/riskmgmt/guideproploss.shtml.

.613 Number of Copies

Complete two copies.

.614 Where to Send Completed Copies

Send one completed copy to the Office of Risk Management. Retain one completed copy.

.615 Form Preparation Instructions

Following are detailed instructions for the preparation of the Property Loss Notice. When entering information to the form, the tab key should be used, not the enter key, to keep the format of the form correct.

  Agency Name: Enter James Madison University.
  Date Reported: Enter the reporting date of the loss or damage.
  Time Reported: Enter the reporting time of the loss or damage.
  Agency Code: Enter JMU's agency code - 216.
  Date of Loss: Enter the date the loss or damage occurred. If you do not know the actual date, enter the best estimate.
  Time of Loss: Enter the time the loss or damage occurred. If you do not know the actual time, enter the best estimate.
  Kind of Loss Enter the kind of loss, theft, vandalism, etc.
  Location: Enter the location, where the loss or damage occurred.
  Estimate of Loss: Enter the estimated dollar value of the loss or damage.
  Description of Loss or Damage Enter a description of the loss or damage.
  Contact Information Enter the name, title, address, telephone number and fax number of the contact person.
  Reported by: Enter the name, address, telephone number and fax number of the person reporting the incident.
  Comments: Enter any additional information concerning the incident.

.700 Summary - Insurance Coverage and Reporting Instructions

The following summary provides a brief description of coverage and reporting instructions. Please use this information as a "quick reference" only.


Automobile State Owned Vehicles Liability claims against University and Driver. Medical Payments, Comprehensive and collision damage.

Deductible applies.
Off Campus: Report Immediately to the State Police.

On Campus: Report to the Office of Public Safety on the campus where the accident occurs.

Contact Facilities Management Motor Pool within 5 days
Automobile Personal Vehicle

Used for JMU Business
The Automobile Plan covers liability after reaching the limit of liability on the employee's insurance policy. No Comprehensive, Collision or Medical. Contact Office of Risk Management.
Automobile Rental Cars used for JMU business purposes The Automobile Plan covers liability only after exhausting the rental agency's liability. Covers collision and comprehensive Contact our Insurance Carrier as indicated in Accident Packet.

Contact Office of Risk Management.
General Liability Insures the University and its employees Damages resulting from claims against JMU, departments, Employees, etc. for errors or omissions of any nature while acting in official capacity Contact Office of Risk Management within 48 hours to report incident.
Property Insures all property belonging to the university, the Commonwealth or authorized exhibitors. Loss of or damage to university buildings and contents against theft, vandalism, fire, flood and other perils.

Does not cover personal items belonging to employees.
Theft or Losses: Contact Public Safety Immediately.

Theft, loss or damage to property: Contact the Office of Risk Management within 48 hours of discovery to report and to obtain "Property Loss Notice" form.

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