.100 Purpose of the Financial Procedures Manual

The JMU Financial Procedures Manual is written and published by the Division of Administration and Finance to provide authoritative guidance on the application of financial related procedures and systems for the University Campus.

The manual provides a standardized approach to financial and accounting topics for the University by:

  • Documenting detailed procedures for use in preparing, distributing and processing accounting, procurement and financial related information between departments, the Administration and Finance Division, and the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • Documenting University and State Accounting Policies and Procedures so that data accumulation, form preparation, distribution, and processing is standardized.
  • Providing information and reference material to assist users.
  • Provide information to assist departments in accessing and using the University's Financial Information System.

The University's Financial Information System operates through the interaction and cooperation between departments and the Division of Administration and Finance. In order to function properly, it is necessary that all users adhere to the procedures documented in the Financial Procedures Manual.

.200 Organization of the Manual

The manual is organized into sections, sub-sections, and subjects.

.210 Section

Sections are included for major topics such as Travel, Moving and Relocation, and Deposits. Each section includes the effective date of the procedure.

.220 Sub-section and Subject

Sub-sections divide the sections into meaningful topics and are numbered in hundreds (.100, .200, etc.) The subsections are further divided into subjects, if needed and are numbered by tens (.110, .120, etc.). Numbered and bulleted lists divide detailed procedures into categories for easy access.

.300 Revision and Maintenance of the Manual

The Office of the Associate Vice President for Finance is responsible for maintaining and revising the manual. Procedures are revised to incorporate changes implemented by the University and the Commonwealth of Virginia. All users of the manual are encouraged to recommend revisions to the manual. Submit recommendations to the Office of the Associate Vice President for Finance. The University's Financial Procedures Manual is published on the web.

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