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I. Introduction

I.D. Message from the Speaker of the Faculty Senate

Dear Colleagues:

The Faculty Handbook is a collaborative effort produced by university faculty and administrators. The handbook is essentially an agreement between the faculty and administration that describes the obligations of faculty, but also guarantees certain rights of faculty. Thus, the handbook is an important document that provides guidance and promotes a shared understanding of the role of faculty within the university community.

The Faculty Handbook evolves over time. As described herein, the handbook is subject to annual revision, as faculty and administrators work together to clarify and improve the guidelines. Please feel free to notify me or members of the Faculty Handbook Committee of your concerns or suggestions. All suggestions proposed by the university community are given serious consideration by the Faculty Handbook Committee. The Faculty Handbook revision process is fundamentally collaborative, and all of the participants demonstrate a commitment to transparency and clear communication. Ultimately, we all seek a document that is clearly written, fair to all members of the university community and promotes the mission of the university. 

Audrey J. Burnett

Speaker, Faculty Senate


Mark Piper

Speaker Pro Tempore (Acting Speaker Fall 2017), Faculty Senate

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