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I. Introduction

I.B. Message from the President

Dear Colleagues:

As President of James Madison University, I want to recognize one of the strengths that make this institution an inspirational place to work. It is not true at every college and university, but here there is a collaborative atmosphere and willingness of the community to strive for consensus through shared responsibility. The Faculty Handbook Committee has modeled that strength on behalf of the entire academic community, showing us what can be accomplished when the faculty and the administration work together to refine and improve the language of this living document. As I have said many times, our people are our greatest resource. The efforts of the committee to enhance and clarify the relationship between the institution and its people are an important and valuable offering to the wellbeing of the university.

The 2017-18 Faculty Handbook is the result of the labor of engaged faculty members and administrators who have given their time and energy to this task. It is a work in progress, and it will continue to be reviewed and improved over the years to make sure that it is a useful tool to guide us in shaping the campus community. It is a guide to the duties and responsibilities, as well as the privileges and benefits, of the faculty’s service to the university. As such, it provides a valuable resource for us all.

My thanks go to the members of the Faculty Handbook Committee for their important work. I appreciate the refinements to the wording of the handbook, and I recognize the committee’s serious attention to the vital task they have accomplished.

I call on all of the administrators and faculty members to continue to provide your best efforts to strengthen and improve this handbook and the university, so that we may fulfill our responsibilities to our students, our community and the public. 

Jonathan R. Alger

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