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The Environmental Studies Minor exposes students to the socio-cultural and natural processes that underlie human/nature conflicts and the problems that emerge.

This minor entails taking at least 21 credit hours within four substantive categories:

  • Introduction to the Environment: What are the fundamental ways we understand the relationship between humans and nature?
  • Environmental Science Literacy: What core scientific processes underlie the environmental problems prevalent on our planet?
  • The Socio-Cultural Context of Environmental Studies: What social science, natural science, and humanities approaches help us understand the complexities of environmental problems and their potential solutions?
  • ENVT 400 – Capstone on Environmental Problem Solving: How do we apply the tools and skills we develop in the courses taken for the minor to a current environmental problem?


Rob Alexander         

Dr. Rob Alexander
Political Science
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Fall 2018 Office Hours: Tuesdays 4PM to 6PM, Wednesdays 1PM to 3PM, Thursdays 11AM to 12PM


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