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AMST 200 Introduction to American Studies (Henigman) (May) 
4101 (online course)

ENG 221 Literature/Culture/Ideas
4101 (Bogard) (online course) (May & June) (offered in each summer 
4202 (Baragona), MTWTh, 1-3:45pm (May) (Harrisonburg-based course)

ENG 235 Survey of English Literature I (Beowulf to 18th Century) (Goode)
4201 (online course) (June)

ENG 239 Studies in World Literature
4201 MTWTh (June) 

ENG 247 Survey of American Literature I (Rebhorn) (May) 
4101 (online course) 

AMST courses fulfill General Education Cluster II requirements; they do not fulfill requirements for the English Major

ENG 318 Shakespeare's Comedies and Histories. The London of 
          Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I (Rankin) (June) 
*this course meets in London, England*

ENG 368 Women's Literature (Thompson) (May)
4101 (online course)

ENG 393 Introduction to Creative Writing - Fiction
4101 (Martin) MTWTh, 9-11:45am (Harrisonburg-based course) (May)
4201 (Fitzgerald) (online course) (June)

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