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Overview and Objectives

As the largest employer in the region, JMU will play a vital role in convening leaders to work together in new and expanded ways to address economic recovery as a result of the downturn in the local and regional economies. This series will:

  • Convene business, nonprofit, government, and community leaders;
  • Partner with our community to identify priority areas where we can work together to bolster local and regional economic development; and
  • Identify and elevate awareness of the resources (faculty and staff expertise) that exist within JMU.
August 17, 2021


Working Together to Solve Regional Issues
Leaders from across the region gathered together and were introduced to an initiative led but the University Economic Development Council. The Shenandoah Valley Collective Action Pact was signed.

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Presentations from Panel 1 are now available!

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Help us implement the purpose of the work of the Shenandoah Valley Collective Action Pact in collaboration with many other community partners.

+ COMMIT to working across sectors and collaboratively on priority areas of action;

+ COLLABORATE to develop SOLUTIONS and advocate within and across sectors to achieve the aims set out in this Pact; and

+ PROMOTE the work of the Shenandoah Valley Collective Action Pact.


Select a Working Group 

November 2021

Presenting Status Updates & Findings                                                   

Location: TBD

2021 Planning Committee
  • Nick Swartz, Chair | Assistant Dean, JMU School of Professional & Continuing Education
  • Mary Ann Alger | Community Volunteer
  • Justin Bullman | Project Coordinator, JMU School of Professional & Continuing Education
  • Regan Byrne | Executive Director, Forbes Center
  • Carol Fleming | Assistant Deam, JMU School of Professional & Continuing Education
  • Kim Foreman | Associate Dean, JMU College of Business
  • Laura Hickerson | JMU Associate Director For Employer Relations
  • Keith HollandAssociate Vice Provost, JMU Office of Research and Scholarship
  • John MeckJMU Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
  • Kristina OatesEngagement Initiatives Assistant, JMU School of Professional & Continuing Education
  • Katie Overfield-ZookAssistant Director, Gilliam Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Eric Schmucker | Program Director, Precious Time, JMU IIHHS
  • Shonta Sellers | Director Marketing & Communications, JMU School of Professional & Continuing Education
  • Tammy Steele | Executive Assistant, JMU Honors College
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