Employee Appreciation Day is May 16, 2024!

Join us for Employee Appreciation Day - a day dedicated to celebrate and appreciate the employees of JMU. You deserve it!  Learn More about EAD


Grab a coworker and head to lunch.

Stop by the Photobooth and make a memory.

Belt out your favorite Karaoke song.

Drop a donation in the bin at Festival for The Pantry at JMU.

EAD is packed with fun activities, movies,
lessons, team challenges and more.

There's something for everyone!

Come with me and you'll see a day of pure imagination!

Be The Change!

The Pantry at JMU

On EAD, we will be collecting donations for items needed for The Pantry at JMU. Learn more about what kinds of items to donate and where to drop them off here.

Community Service Fair

The JMU Community Service Fair offers employees the chance to browse local volunteer opportunities and find the causes they're passionate about in a casual, engaging environment. View 2024 Participants

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