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  • The minor in disability studies engages students in an examination of the many ways disability is defined and constructed.
  • Students will build knowledge of the political, rhetorical, social, educational, historical, legal, and medical frameworks of disability through both classroom and experiential study in courses drawn from several disciplines.
  • Students will examine the ways systems inhibit and promote full participation of people with disabilities, explore how communities define and reinforce norms, and understand disability as an inherent part of diversity and inclusivity.
  • The minor in disability studies is open to all undergraduate students at JMU. The introductory course DST 100 can be taken the same semester with core courses. More than one core course can be taken to count toward the overall credit requirement. No more than nine hours may be taken from a single discipline. No more than two courses may be double counted for a student’s major/minor.
  • Students will be able to apply the critical frameworks they develop not only to their academic studies, but in their professional, personal, and civic lives, supporting their development as globally enlightened citizens.


For further information or to declare the Disability Studies minor, please contact:

Dr. Susan Ghiaciuc
Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication
Phone: (540) 568-1613

Daisy Breneman
University Advising/Justice Studies
Phone: (540) 568-4247

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