Alphabetical List of Buildings

Building Name Street Address Building Abbreviation
1050 South Main Street 1050 South Main Street MIKE
1070 Virginia Avenue 1070 Virginia Avenue SMB
1077 South Main 1077 South Main Street FH
110 West Grace Street 110 West Grace Street 110W
131 West Grace Street 131 West Grace Street WB
1401 Technology Drive 1401 Technology Drive TD
1598 South Main Street 1598 South Main Street 1598
220 University Blvd. 220 University Blvd UNIV
380 University Blvd. 380 University Blvd 380U
396 South High Street 396 South High Street 396S
960 Port Republic Road 960P
983 Reservoir Street 983 Reservoir Street WMRA
Alumnae Hall 91 Alumnae Drive ALUM
Anthony-Seeger Hall 821 South Main Street AS
Athletic Fields 510 Soccer Field Service Drive AFSB
Atlantic Union Bank Center 645 University Blvd AUBC
Ballard Deck 649 University Blvd BPD
Bell Hall 401 Martin Luther King Jr., Way BELL
Bioscience Building 951 Carrier Drive BIO
Bookstore 211 Bluestone Drive BOOK
Bridgeforth Stadium 251 Bluestone Drive STDM
Burruss Hall 820 Madison Drive BURR
Campbell Building 755 Martin Luther King Jr. Way 755M
Cantrell Ave. Parking Deck (3-Level) CPD
Cardinal House 500 Cardinal CARD
Carrier Library 880 Madison Drive LIBR
Champions Parking Deck (5-Level) 280 Champions Drive CDPD
Chandler Hall 1621 Carrier Drive CHAN
Chappelear Hall 360 Carrier Drive CHAP
Chesapeake Hall 1651 Carrier Drive CHES
Cleveland Hall 61 East Grace Street CLEV
College of Business Learning Complex 421 Bluestone Drive COBL
Converse Hall 30 Bluestone Drive CONV
Convocation Center 895 University Blvd CONC
Darcus Johnson Hall 58 Bluestone Drive DJH
D-Hall 150 Bluestone Drive DHAL
D-Hub 771 Duke Drive TDF
Dingledine Hall 221 Ikenberry Service Drive DING
Duke Hall 820 South Main Street DUKE
Dukes Dining 261 East Grace Street DD
Eagle Hall 431 Bluestone Drive EAGL
East Campus Dining Hall 1681 Carrier Drive ECDH
East Campus Power Plant 1639 Driver Drive ECPP
Edith J. Carrier Arboretum Pavilion 700 University Blvd AP
Engineering/Geosciences Building 801 Carrier Drive ENGE
Estes Center for Theatre and Dance 147 Warsaw Avenue PAC
Festival Conference and Student Center 1301 Carrier Drive FCSC
Forbes Center for the Performing Arts 147 Warsaw Avenue ForbesCenter
Foundation Hall 1031 Harrison Street FOUN
Frances Plecker Education Center 780 University Blvd FPEC
Frederikson Hall 980 Frederikson Service Drive FRED
Frye Building 91 Bluestone Drive FRYE
Gabbin Hall 971 Madison Drive GABB
Garber Hall 201 Ikenberry Service Drive GARB
Gifford Hall 20 Bluestone Drive GIFF
Godwin Hall 261 Bluestone Drive GODW
Godwin Hall Bus Shelter 201 Bluestone Drive GHBS
Golf Turf Building GTB
Grace St. Parking Deck (7-levels) 258 E Grace Street GSPD
Grace Street Apartments Complex 42 West Grace Street GSAC
Grace Street Modular 81 West Grace Street GSM
Grafton-Stovall Theatre 281 Warren Service Drive GST
Greek Row 1201 Greek Row GreekRow
Hanson Hall 350 Carrier Drive HANS
Harper Allen-Lee Hall 50 Bluestone Drive HALH
Harrison Hall 54 Bluestone Drive HARR
Hartman Hall 421 Bluestone Drive HART
Health and Behavioral Studies Building 235 Martin Luther King Jr. Way HBS
Hillcrest Annex 257 East Grace Street HILX
Hillcrest Hall 251 Warren Service Drive HILL
Hillside Hall 290 Warren Service Drive HLSD
Hoffman Hall 71 Bluestone Drive HOFF
Holland Yates Hall (formerly Madison Hall) 100 East Grace Street HYH
Hotel Madison and Shenandoah Valley Conference Center - Official Hotel of JMU 710 South Main Street


Huffman Hall 200 Huffman HUFF
Ice House 127 West Bruce Street ICE
Ikenberry Hall 210 Ikenberry Service Drive IKEN
James Madison Admin Complex #1 1021 South Main Street JMA1
James Madison Admin Complex #2 1017 Harrison Street JMA2
James Madison Admin Complex #4 1015 Harrison Street JMA4
James Madison Admin Complex #5 1041 South Main Street JMA5
Johnston Hall 70 Alumnae Drive JOHN
Keezell Hall 921 Madison Drive KEEZ
King Hall 701 Carrier Drive KING
Lake Cluster A 1201 Greek Row LCA
Lake Cluster B 1190 Greek Row LCB
Lake Cluster C 1150 Greek Row LCC
Lake Cluster D 1100 Greek Row LCD
Lake Cluster E 1291 Greek Row LCE
Lake Cluster F 1251 Greek Row LCF
Lakeview Hall 298 Port Republic Rd LAKE
Leeolou Alumni Center 2002 Alumni Drive LAC
Logan Hall 70 Bluestone Drive LOGN
Mason Street Parking Deck 715 South Mason Street MSPD
Massanutten Hall 1031 South Main Street MASS
Mauck Stadium 761 Dukes Drive MS
McGraw-Long Hall 421 Martin Luther King Jr., Way MCLG
Memorial Baseball Stadium 270 Veterans Memorial Drive MBS
Memorial Concession Building 250 Veterans Memorial Drive MCB
Memorial Hall 395 South High Street MEMH
Memorial Hall Arts Complex 395 South High Street MHAC
Memorial Hall Greenhouse 395 South High Street MHGH
Memorial Hall Outfield Building 220 Veterans Memorial Drive MHOB
Memorial Softball RR Building 240 Veterans Memorial Drive MSRB
Miller Hall 91 East Grace Street MILL
Moody Hall 90 Bluestone Drive MOOD
Motor Pool Alternative Fuel Bldg. 1595 South Main Street MPAF
Motor Pool Garage 1603 South Main Street MPG
Mr. Chips Convenience Store 190 Bluestone Drive CS
Music Building 880 South Main Street MUS
Newman Drive Telecom Building 1016 Newman Drive NDT
Paul Jennings Hall 831 University Blvd PJH
Physics/Chemistry Building 901 Carrier Drive PCB
Plecker Athletic Performance Center 371 Bluestone Drive PAPC
Power Plant 1010 Newman Drive PWRP
Roberts Center for Music Performance 147 Warsaw Avenue / 871 South Main Street MRH
Rockingham Cooperative Grounds Building 573 Chesapeake Drive RCGB
Roop Hall 60 Bluestone Drive ROOP
Rose Library 1251 Carrier Drive ROSE
Salt Storage Shed 1609 South Main Street 1609
Sentara Park: Athletics Gatehouse 1855 Performance Drive UPAG
Sentara Park: Athletics Pavilion 1045 Neff Avenue UPAP
Sentara Park: Athletic Stadium 1085 Neff Avenue UPAS
Sheldon Hall 71 Alumnae Drive SHEL
Shenandoah Hall 1671 Carrier Drive SHEN
Shorts Hall 441 Bluestone Drive SHOR
Small Wind Training and Testing Facility WTF
Solar Panel Control Building 601 Carrier Drive SPCB
Sonner Hall 481 Bluestone Drive SONH
South Main Dining Services Warehouse 1593 South Main Street DSWH
South Main Storage Building #1 and #2 (Recycling) 1597 South Main Street SB1
Spotswood Hall 51 Alumnae Drive SPOT
Student Success Center 738 South Mason Street SSC
Studio Center 106 West Grace Street SC
Taylor Hall (The Union) 285 Warren Service Drive TAYL
University Farm House and Pavilion 8398 Alumnae Drive Port Republic UFH
University Health Center 724 South Mason Street HCTR
University Recreation: University Park Gatehouse 1090 Devon Lane UPUG
University Recreation: University Park Pavilion 1875 Performance Drive UPUP
University Recreation Center (UREC) 701 Driver Drive UREC
University Services Building 181 Patterson USB
University Turf Building University Blvd UTB
Varner House 80 Bluestone Drive VARN
Veterans Memorial Park 230 Veterans Memorial Drive Veterans
Veterans Memorial Park (Baseball and Softball RR Buildings) MSS
Wampler Hall 10 Bluestone Drive WAMP
Warren Hall (The Union) 170 Bluestone Drive WARR
Warsaw Ave. Parking Deck (5-Level) 157 Warsaw Avenue WAPD
Wayland Hall 51 Bluestone Drive WAYL
Weaver Hall 400 Carrier Drive WEAV
White Hall 480 Carrier Drive WHIT
Wilson Hall 951 Madison Drive WILS
Wine-Price Building 752 Ott Street WP
Zane Showker Hall 421 Bluestone Drive ZSH

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