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Paige Normand
Digital Communication Coordinator

Paige is a faculty member in the School of Media Arts and Design and has been working in the Learning Centers since 2010.  She founded Digital Communication Consulting in spring 2014 when she trained the first cohort of tutors. She created this service to assist students across the university with digital assignments and professional portfolios.  

She's eager to collaborate with any faculty members interested in developing digital communication in their courses or if you have any suggestions on how DigiComm can better serve the university!

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Image of Cynthia Martin, DigiComm Faculty Associate

Cynthia Martin
DigiComm Faculty Associate

Cynthia is a faculty member in the School of Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication, where she teaches courses in first year writing, digital writing and editing. As a faculty associate for DigiComm, she specializes in brochure design, infographics and data visualization, and digital portfolio creation. (Team Wix all the way!)

When she isn’t teaching or consulting, Cynthia is likely to be spending time with one of several JMU or Montevideo Middle School Destination Imagination teams she currently coaches. On the weekends, she enjoys reading mystery novels, baking, and spending time with her family. 

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Image of Catie Willett

Catie Willett
Lead Peer Tutor
Media Fellow for WGS 492

Catie is a senior Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communications major with a concentration in Technical Communication and a minor in Environmental Studies. 

She is Team WordPress and Wix and specializes in digital storytelling, interactive creation, and data visualization. She is the Chief Operations Officer of Kappa Alpha Theta and a JMU’s University Innovation Fellow. When she is not being a workaholic, Catie enjoys volunteering at Cat’s Cradle, eating El Charro, and talking about her three-legged dog. 

Contact her at

Image of Maddie Matarazzo

Maddie Matarazzo
Media Fellow for SPAN 466

Maddie is a junior WRTC major with a concentration in Technical Communication and a minor in Spanish. 

She loves helping students with personal branding and digital stories. When she isn't behind her laptop screen doing work (or watching The Office), you can probably find her outside on some sort of adventure. This includes anything from hiking to the quest to find the perfect cup of coffee. Also in her free time she trains with the JMU Triathlon Club and gives campus tours with Student Ambassadors.

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Image of Jenna Welch

Jenna Welch
Media Fellow for COB 202

Jenna is a senior Media Arts and Design major concentrating in Integrated Advertising and Corporate Communications with a minor in Studio Art.

She specializes in personal branding, web design, and content creation. Outside of DigiComm, she is a member of the Madison American Advertising Federation. When Jenna is not brainstorming a new design, she is outside on trails in the mountains with her dog, Paislee.  

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Image of Kaitlyn Showalter

Kaitlyn Showalter
Media Fellow for HIST 439

Kaitlyn is a senior Communication Studies major with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Sociology.

She's Team Wix and would love to help you create a personal brand which shows off exactly who you are, what you do, and where you see yourself in the future. When she's not at DigiComm, you can find her hanging out with some of her friends in Alpha Sigma Alpha, exploring around Harrisonburg, living it up during college football season, or stalking the latest Anthropologie sale.

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Image of Teresa Cummings

Teresa Cummings
Media Fellow for JUST 301

Teresa is a junior WRTC major with a Spanish minor. 

Specializing in data visualization tools, she loves to turn evidence into epics. Piktochart and Canva are two tools always in her back pockets. Each day she aims to explore a new aspect of the digital world in comfort of her own yoga pants.  When not exploring, Teresa is traveling back in time with JMU’s Swing Dance Club, practicing her mermaid skills at UREC, or enjoying a cup of tea. 

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Image of Emily Kohl

Emily Kohl
Graduate Assistant

Emily is a first year graduate student in the Environmental Communications and Advocacy Program looking to contribute creative, sustainable solutions to society's pressing problems.

When not in DigiComm, she works as a freelance photographer. If she doesn't have a camera at her hip, she has her nose in a book. One may catch her frequently at Carrier Starbucks mulling over climate change, playing on Canva, and showing people pictures of her animals.

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image of John Raslowsky

John Raslowsky
Media Fellow for READ 366

John is double majoring in WRTC and Modern Languages.

His favorite topics to write about are different cultures across the globe and sports. He enjoys traveling and getting to know how people live in all corners of the world. At JMU he enjoys playing basketball at UREC and participating on multiple intramural teams. John was raised in Hoboken, New Jersey and came to JMU to experience something different than city life. He hopes to one day work in Germany.

Contact him at

Image of Lindsey Brockman

Lindsey Brockman
Media Fellow for CSD 582

Lindsey is a junior Media Arts and Design major concentrating in Converged Media and a Political Communication minor.

She is Team Wix and loves web design and digital storytelling. She enjoys working on a wide range of digital projects and looks forward to helping you with yours. When she’s not hanging out in Digicomm, you can usually find her at UREC, taking Buzzfeed quizzes, or hanging out with her small group or one of her 6 housemates.

You can contact her at

image of Becky Chen

Becky Chen
Media Fellow for MKTG 450

Becky is a junior Media Arts and Design major concentrating in Converged Media and minoring in Cultural Communication.

She loves helping people with anything digital but her favorite topics are personal branding, wed design, and infographics. When she’s not tutoring students, you can see her cooking up food for those in need as Public Relations Director for Campus Kitchen. Off campus, she spends her time developing her photography skills through her food blog. As you can see, she's obsessed with food!

Contact her at

image of Marissa Scholler

Marissa Scholler
Media Fellow for HTH 423

Marissa is a junior Media Arts and Design major concentrating in Converged Media. With a minor in Nonprofit Studies, Marissa is excited to use her eye for design to help others.

While her favorite digital topics to tutor people on include personal branding, design, and Wix, her favorite part is watching her clients get in touch with their creative side. In her free time, Marissa enjoys playing Mario Kart with her roommates, finding the best taco trucks, and searching for her new favorite font.

Contact her at

Image of Cate Jarrett

Cate Jarrett

Peer Tutor

Cate is a senior Media Arts and Design major concentrating in Creative Advertising and a minor in Studio Art.

She's head-over-heels for Wix and has a passion for graphic design, along with helping people find their own unique digital style. Outside of DigiComm, she is a volunteer leader for Young Life College at JMU, helping coordinate fun events and trips for students. When she's not on campus, you can find her hanging with her housemates on South Mason Street or in the SMAD lab. 

You can contact Cate at 

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