If you would like to give to JMU Debate, we have two funds to which you can donate.

  1. JMU Debate Foundation: Donations to the JMU Debate Foundation support the general operation of the JMU Debate Team including travel, coaching resources and scholarship funds, as well as recruiting and outreach efforts.
  2. The John Morello Scholarship Fund: The John Morello Scholarship fund is given in recognition of long time JMU Director of Debate John Morello. Dr. Morello was the DOD the first time JMU qualified for the National Debate Tournament and helped to increase the debate team size and budget from the late 1970s through the early 1990s. The scholarship is given each year to a JMU Debater selected by the JMU Alumni Association from a list of debaters nominated by the JMU Debate Coaching staff.

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