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Jennifer Gill Rosier (Ph.D., Purdue University, 2011), originally from Maryland, is an Assistant Professor in Communication Studies. Teaching since 2004 (previously at Purdue University and Auburn University), she is now at JMU teaching GCOM courses, SCOM 280 Introduction to Communication Research, SCOM 320 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication, and SCOM 383 Communication Research Methodologies.  

Jennie is passionate about many things. Her broad scholarly research interests include communication skill training and relationship maintenance behaviors. Although much of her current research focuses around the actual skills needed to effectively communicate about sex in romantic relationships, her research program is much broader, investigating the role that a wide variety of communication skills plays in successful marriages, especially in successful marriages that experience hardship.  

Jennie truly believes that good social scientific research should not only improve the lives of others but should also be made available to them. Her goal as a writer is to make research available to the academic world through academic journal publications and to do the same for the general public through various popular press outlets. She has scholarly articles published in Communication QuarterlyCommunication Research, the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the International Journal of ListeningSex Roles, and Gay and Lesbian Issues, and Psychology Review.

In order to disseminate good social science research to the public in a clear manner, she runs a research-based relationship blog. In her blog,, Jennie discusses initiating, maintaining, intensifying, and even ending romantic relationships. Jennie also has a popular press book entitled, Make Love, Not Scrapbooks and 9 Other Research-Based Love Tips, that is loosely based on her blog.  Jennie’s favorite part about JMU is her students because they are eager, interested, and smart.

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"I'm passionate about many things. And one of those things is love. I love love. I love learning about love, I love teaching about love, and I love writing about love. But most of all, I love conducting research about love so that I can discover ways that individuals can maintain or enhance their own love."

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