Dr. Lori Britt


Associate Professor, Director of the Institute for Constructive Advocacy and Dialogue/4C Initiative
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Lori Britt, B.A., Bloomsburg University; M.A., University of North Carolina Greensboro; Ph.D., University of Colorado Boulder, is interested in how people organize to meet community needs and is interested in how language shapes those efforts in particular ways. Her work revolves around the concept of engagement – getting students engaged in learning in their communities; getting communities and organizations (particularly nonprofits) engaged in productive forms of collaboration and deliberation. 

At JMU, she teaches Fundamental Human Communication/Group Presentations (GCOM 123), SCOM 350 Introduction to Organizational Communication, SCOM 425 Leadership Communication and SCOM 449 Communication Training, and she is developing a course on Facilitating Community Dialogue and Deliberation. 

Dr. Britt has experience as a newspaper reporter, and in directing communication and public relations efforts for non-profit and trade organizations.  She also operated a PR/marketing firm that targeted small women-owned businesses.  

She is active in community collaborations and participates in the United Way, the Healthy Communities Council, the Fairfield Center and Second Home here in Harrisonburg.

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