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Year Started at JMU: 2019
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Dr. Mohammad Ala-Uddin is a Lecturer in the School of Communication Studies at James Madison University. He received his Ph.D. in Media and Communication from Bowling Green State University and an International Affairs M.A. degree in Communication and Development Studies from Ohio University. Ala-Uddin earned a B.A. in Islamic History and Culture and M.A. in Journalism, Media and Communication at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Before moving to the U.S., he had worked as a journalist,  served in various communication roles, and completed a media studies summer program at the University of Oslo, Norway.

His scholarship examines the communicative and cultural implications of digital media and public information and contributes to equity and justice. Ala-Uddin combines qualitative methods with computational techniques and studies the leading and peripheral discourses of digital media and social change, especially how they are created, contested, and tied with the systems of power in translocal, transnational, and global contexts. His research, well rooted in communication, also takes on a multidisciplinary approach, looking to media and cultural studies, political economy, feminist theory, subaltern studies, critical ethnography, critical data studies, and digital humanities.

He has co-authored a white paper, which turned into a $19m proposal. His work has been published in the Asia Pacific Media Educator, The Palgrave Handbook of International Communication and Sustainable Development, and the Handbook of Communication and Media in the Global South. Ala-Uddin presented at major professional conferences including at NCA, ICA, and IAMCR conventions, and participated in other international forums of exchange in Norway, Nepal, Sweden, the UK, Finland, and South Korea.

Ala-Uddin primarily teaches courses in cultural and health communication concentrations, including intercultural communication, culture and health communication, new media and health, and research methods. He also extensively taught general communication classes such as fundamentals of human communication, public speaking, and journalism in democratic society.

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