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The Communication Center (Fall 2022)

The Communication Center will be operating digitally and in person for the Fall 2022 semester. They can help you with speech preparation, how to record presentations online, best practices for delivering online or digital presentations, group presentations, MREST, job interview, group communication or any communication need.

They offer three main ways to receive support digitally and onlineFirst, you can make a live, synchronous online appointment. You will meet with a communication consultant live via the online appointment scheduler, instructions are here, https://www.jmu.edu/commcenter/appointments.shtml. Appointments are 30 or 60 minutes and you can use audio/video to brainstorm, share ideas, receive feedback, practice, and even record your presentation. Second, you can email us with questions and for feedback via commcenter@jmu.edu. We typically get back to you within one business day. Third, you can utilize any of the resources we have online like videos, tipsheets, and more, https://www.jmu.edu/commcenter/presentation-support/index.shtml. Visit their website to learn more! (www.jmu.edu/commcenter)

For in-person assistance they are located in the Student Success Center, on the first floor in 1155. The Communication Center has practice rooms, projectors and recording equipment that allows you to evaluate your progress in a simulated classroom environment. Visit their website (www.jmu.edu/commcenter) to make an appointment or utilize their resources.

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