Presenting Online: Many of us find ourselves unprepared or out of practice for teaching, learning, and communicating online or in a digital/virtual format. Below are some resources we have found helpful for planning and even possibly recording presentations online. Many of our recommendations for face to face presentations still apply online too. 

Developing a Presentation
Any good presentation requires a lot of work ahead of the actual presentation. We can help you with brainstorming, research, outlining, organization and much more.

Delivering a Presentation
Great presentations require practice, practice and more practice. Schedule an appointment to practice with us and receive feedback from our trained tutors.

Overcoming Speech Anxiety
Speech anxiety impacts everyone, whether butterflies or severe cases of panic. Check some of our strategies for coping with speech anxiety or schedule an appointment to work on personal anxiety reducing strategies.

Record Your Presentation
We have special presentation rooms for you to record your presentation. You can view your presentation with us for feedback or share with professors, employers, friends and family.

Presenting Data Visually
Data visualization is becoming an increasingly important part of effective presentations. Book an appointment with us today to help brainstorm the best ways to persuasively build and present your data visually.

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