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Conceptual Framework

The Virginia New Teacher Support Program (VaNTSP) in partnership with Virginia State University and the Virginia Department of Education is a teacher induction program that will support early career teachers in purposefully selected school divisions from the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The VaNTSP will serve teachers in the Commonwealth who are in their first, second, or third year of teaching through the support of instructional coaches.  The teacher leaders/instructional coaches, who will provide the instructional coaching for early career teachers, will receive training in evidence-based coaching focused on the six categories established by the Virginia Standards for Professional Practice:

  1. Professional Knowledge
  2. Instructional Planning
  3. Instructional Delivery
  4. Assessment of and for Learning
  5. Learning Environment
  6. Professionalism

In addition, the VaNTSP is designed to study the effects of this university-based induction in Virginia on teacher retention, teacher effectiveness, and student achievement.

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