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Elementary Education Bachelor's of Individualized Study

Bachelor's of Individualized Study with a concentration in elementary education is designed for students who have earned their Associate's Degree and are working as instructional assistants. Completers of this program earn a four year degree and are eligible for a Virginia teaching license in PK-6th grades.

Who is Eligible?
  • Students with an AA degree
  • Students who have passed VCLA and Praxis Core Math before starting the program
  • Students who want to become elementary teachers in VA (PK-6)
  • Students who need an online program ad are working as instructional assistants in PK-6 schools
Field Experiences
  • Typically in a public school PK-6th grade classroom
  • Student teach the final semester in a public school PK-6th grade classroom
Degree & Licensure
  • About 60 credit hours at JMU plus your AA degree will meet the 120 credit hours required for a 4-year degree
  • For teacher licensure in VA
    • Praxis Core Math and Virginia Communicator Literacy Assessment (VCLA)-passing scores required for admission
    • Praxis Elementary Subject Test-taken during the JMU program
    • Reading for Virginia Educators (RVE)-taken during the JMU program
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