Our Mission

The mission of the Program of International Business is to provide nationally competitive undergraduate education in the study of international business.  The program is interdisciplinary and designed to prepare students for participation in organizations that require a broad business perspective, applicable skills in global business and an understanding of the complexity of the globalized world.  The program also prepares students for graduate programs in business and related fields.

Our Goals
  • To provide a strong foundation in the international implications for the business disciplines.
  • To develop students' cultural understanding through course work and a required semester abroad.
  • To enable students to gain proficiency in a second language.
  • To enable students to develop extensive knowledge of a specific region of the world related to the second language.
  • To develop students' competencies in addressing specific managerial issues related to international business, such as ethical considerations, managing foreign exchange risk, managing a multicultural work force, etc.
  • To facilitate students' continuing development of written and oral communication skills.

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