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This page is updated regularly throughout the academic year.

The Fall 2021 JMU Chemistry & Biochemistry Seminar Series may include a mixture of in-person and online seminars, as noted below. Most seminars are scheduled for 3:35pm on Fridays, though other times may be scheduled, as note below. 

  • In-person seminars are generally in ISAT/CS room 159, unless otherwise noted.
  • Virtual, synchronous seminars. In this format, the speaker(s) will present material live (on Zoom or WebEx), and students and faculty will log in during the presentation to watch and/or participate. These seminars may include interactions during and/or after the presentation, where participants can ask questions, comment, etc.

Zoom or WebEx links will be posted on the Chemistry and Biochemistry Majors Canvas site. If you are not a member of that site, please contact carankl@jmu.edu or another JMU Chemistry faculty member in advance of the seminar to request access.

Additional formats may also be explored, depending on circumstances and interests of the presenter(s).

Seminars are regularly scheduled throughout the semester, and this page will be updated as needed.

Useful information for seminar speakers can be found here.
Archives of past seminars can be found here.


This is a three column table. The first column has the seminar data and time. The second column has the seminar speaker and affiliation. The third column has the seminar title and link to abstract (if available).


Fall 2021


Fri, Sep 3
In-person seminar
3:35pm in ISAT/CS 159
Dr. Barbara Reisner & Dr. Nathan Wright
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA
Ethical Reasoning in Chemistry
Fri, Sep 10
In-person seminar
3:35pm in ISAT/CS 159
Dr. Paul Raston
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA
Laser spectroscopy of molecules and complexes in superfluid helium nanodroplets
Fri, Sep17
In-person seminar
3:35pm in ISAT/CS 159


Dr. Brandon Thorpe
Sativa Testing Laboratories, LLC
A Career in the Chemistry of Cannabis
Fri, Oct 1
Zoom seminar
Dr. Cory Bystrom
Impossible Foods
The analytical chemists hidden in your shopping cart
Fri, Oct 8
Zoom seminar
Dr. Sen Zhang
Department of Chemistry University of Virginia
Atomically Precise Nanocrystal Surfaces and Interfaces for Electrocatalysis
Fri, Oct 15
In-person seminar
3:35pm in ISAT/CS 159
Melanie Odenkirk (JMU 2018)
Department of Chemistry, NC State
Structural-based Connectivity and Omic Phenotype Evaluation (SCOPE) Toolbox for Lipid Data Interpretation
Fri, Oct 29
In-person seminar
3:35pm in ISAT/CS 159

National Chemistry Week Seminar

Dr. Chris Hollinsed
Department of Chemistry, James Madison University

Expect Change in Your Career: Be Ready for It!
Fri, Nov 5
In person and Zoom seminar

JMU Chemistry Alumni speakers

Tsung-Yu (Lily) Wu (2014) - Chemist at Crazy Aaron's Putty World

Rebecca Patterson (2014) - Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at Emergency Medicine at Community Medical Center-Toms River, NJ

John Paul Ashenfelter (1992) - Software Engineer at FireHydrant

Homecoming Roundtable

Mon, Nov 8

Dr. Benny Chan
Department of Chemistry, The College of New Jersey

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