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The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers the B.S. degree for a major in chemistry, with concentrations that meet the American Chemical Society Accredited Programs requirements for concentrations in biochemistry, materials chemistry and in chemistry/chemical education. More details for these offerings are found here. Requirements and sample schedules for the general chemistry and business concentrations are listed in the tables below. More details can be found in the JMU Undergraduate Catalog.

Course requirements for all chemistry programs are compared in the following flowchart and checklist.

Help with general education requirements can be found here and here.

Click to obtain a checklist and sample schedule in PDF format for the general program in chemistry.

Click to obtain a checklist and sample schedule in PDF format for the chemistry/business program.

This program is designed for business-oriented chemistry students preparing for careers in patent law, technical sales, technical service and related areas.

A similar option is to complete Concentration V: General Program in Chemistry with a General Business Minor.

There are two pathways to initial teaching licensure in grades 6-12.

Concentration VII is a 4-year path with a double major in chemistry and secondary education.  Another common option is a 5-year path with Concentration V:  General Program in Chemistry with a Secondary Education Minor, and adding a 5th year Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.). Consult with Dr. Reisner in the chemistry department to decide on the best pathway for you.

Course requirements in common programs for students interested in secondary education are compared in this table.  

Click to obtain a checklist and sample schedule in PDF format for the four-year chemistry education program.

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