Applicants must have earned an undergraduate degree by the start of the graduate program. Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher is preferred, minimum 2.7 required. Applicants must successfully complete the following prerequisite course work with a grade of “C-”, 1.7/4.0 level or better. Due to COVID-19 the program is accepting Pass/Credit options for prerequisite coursework.

Applicants may meet the anatomy and physiology prerequisites by taking a semester course in each topic or by taking the entire sequence of combined anatomy and physiology courses at a single college. The combined courses must cover all of the body systems and regions and must ideally include a laboratory component in anatomy. 

Completed high school AP courses will be reviewed by the admissions committee but acceptance as completion as a pre-requisite will not be guaranteed. The required courses listed below must be completed before the program start date at a regionally accredited college/university level.  Prerequisite courses must be completed within 7 years of the program start date.  Applicants working in a related field that have maintained current knowledge, should apply and explain how they have maintained current information in these fields.  The admissions committee will decide if the justification is sufficient to meet the prerequisites.

If you believe you have taken a course that might meet the below prerequisites, but have questions, please email

MSAT Admissions Prerequisites

Subject Area


General Psychology

3 credits


3 credits

Statistics or Research Methods

3 credits

Human or Mammalian Anatomy & Physiology

8 credits

Physics or Human Biomechanics

3 credits

General or Inorganic Chemistry

3 credits

Exercise Physiology

3 credits

Transfer Credits

Candidates whose prior education is through international schools should consult the "International Student Applications" section of the Graduate Catalog for additional features of the application process. No transfer credits are allowed for the Master of Science in Athletic Training degree program. Despite athletic training programs having accreditation standards to oversee program delivery and curriculum content, institutional autonomy is encouraged. Transfer credits are not allowed since each program designs their curriculum differently. Secondly, the standard of assessment is individual to the program. Therefore, in order to maintain the integrity of the degree JMU is providing all courses must be taken at JMU.

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