Program Description

The Doctoral Program in Clinical and School Psychology at James Madison University is an innovative, applied psychology program that leads to the awarding of the Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree and eligibility for licensure as a clinical psychologist and licensure/certification as a school psychologist. The program is designed to prepare students to be leaders in the provision of comprehensive psychological services for people across the lifespan. It is specifically designed for students already possessing graduate degrees in mental health fields (such as clinical, school, or counseling psychology) who wish to further their training and become leaders and advocates in the dynamic field of mental health. Most students complete the program in four years (three years of on-campus coursework and a one year internship).

Career Opportunities

Students graduating from the Doctoral Program serve in professional positions in a range of settings including, but not limited to, mental health clinics, child and family agencies, public schools, university-based counseling centers, hospitals, and university psychology departments. Graduates assume practitioner, administrative, consultation, and leadership positions, as well as training and supervisory roles. The program prepares students to meet the requirements for licensure as clinical psychologists and licensure/certification as school psychologists. 

Details About Our Program

Student Testimonals

"My training and experiences with the JMU Clinical & School Psychology Psy.D. Program inspired me to think more deeply and critically. I have learned to approach my cases with the utmost compassion, sophistication, and curiosity. Above all, my experiences with the faculty and students influenced me to become a very self-aware and culturally savvy individual and clinician. Further, my relationship with Dr. Gregg Henriques fostered a greater sense of self-confidence as well as a focus on broader scientific and societal considerations. As a result of my training, I plan to be a leader in improving the treatment and quality of life of those around me with regard to personal and professional endeavors and specifically within my own LGBT community."

"I am extremely thankful for the kind professors who encouraged me to think broadly yet pragmatically, to not be afraid to challenge the status quo, and to hold the needs of the people we serve with sincere care and integrity. I recommend the program often, due to its unique culture which promotes transparency and acceptance, cherishes diversity, and emphasizes authentic personal and professional growth."

"Through the Clinical & School Psychology Psy.D. Program, I was able to hone my conceptualization abilities and to enhance my flexibility in implementing treatment that is grounded in a deep understanding of human functioning. Taken with the diverse practicum experiences offered during my training, the curriculum and faculty afforded me a strong generalist foundation from which I can provide both effective and efficient interventions in my practice."

"The invaluable training that I received through the Clinical & School Psychology Psy.D. Program did just that. I was able gain experiences with children and adolescents across a variety of settings (e.g., outpatient rural clinics, elementary schools, an inpatient state hospital for children, etc.), which prepared me well for my current career as both a licensed clinical psychologist and a licensed school psychologist. My research skills were broadened with my work with Dr. Trevor Stokes, where I studied how a clinical coach can instill skills in teachers to develop stronger and more positive relationships with their students. "

Other Alumni Experiences

Read more alumni reflections in the Alumni Reflections Archive (PDF).

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