General information on admissions procedures can be found on The Graduate School's website.  Questions regarding the status of the application should also be directed to the Graduate School.  Specific questions about the audiology program should be directed to Dr. Ayasakanta Rout, Director of Audiology (  Many potential applicants ask about visiting JMU and the audiology program.  As much as the program enjoys showcasing the campus, the facilities, and the faculty and students, and this is certainly permissible at any time, it is recommended that the on-campus visit be conducted at the time of the interview (see below).  This is the optimal time as applicants can meet with the audiology faculty, and the faculty have dedicated a block of time to spend with each applicant.


February 1 – All application materials (received, not postmarked) for full consideration of admission in the following fall semester.  If official GRE scores from a recent test administration have not yet been received by the Graduate School, applicants can report those scores directly to Dr. Rout for consideration in making interview invitations.  However, official report of scores must be received prior to any formal admission decisions.

Applicants need to electronically submit to the Graduate School

  1. JMU Graduate School Application
  2. Recent GRE scores, per the Graduate School application instructions
  3. Official transcripts
  4. Brief résumé, to include names and contact information of 3 individuals who have agreed to serve as a reference (letters of recommendation are not to be submitted)
  5. A personal written statement regarding your career goals, reasons for pursuing a doctoral degree, and areas of research interest

GRE Update:

Prospective applicants are encouraged to take the new Revised GRE Test. However, we will continue to accept the scores from the previous version of the GRE test for the February 1, 2014 submission deadline. More information on the GRE is available at the official web site of Educational Testing Service.

On-Campus Interview

Immediately following the deadline, all applicants will be reviewed by the admissions committee.  Only applicants who are being seriously considered for admission will be invited by the program to an on-campus interview (applicants do not initiate the scheduling of an interview).  The on-campus interview is mandatory; an applicant’s inability to participate in the interview will most likely result in elimination from consideration of admission.  Interview dates are typically held on Mondays and Fridays during the last two weeks of February.  Applicants should consider their availability to travel during this time when applying; the program will try to schedule interviews with at least 1-2 week’s advance notice.  Offers of admission will be extended following the completion of all on-campus interviews. 

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