Date: Wednesday 2/14
Location: Forbes, Recital Hall
Time: 4:10-5:00PM

The Arts Integration Panel will include representative from 3 schools within the College of Visual and Performing Arts (School of Art Design and Art History, School of Theatre and Dance, and School of Music). This panel will provide opportunities to understand the integration among these 3 schools in the arts. 


Moderator: Kathryn Nusa Logan



Kathryn Nusa Logan is the Executive Director of the Office of Creative Propulsion in the College of Visual and Performing Arts at JMU. She is an interdisciplinary artist, organizer, and educator committed to building sustainable futures through the arts, with a focus on process-based dramaturgical support, artistic methodologies, relationship building, and collaboration. Her artistic practice delves into alternative relationships between humans, technology, and the natural world, employing experimental approaches across contemporary dance, film and video, music and sound design, and multi-media installation and performance. Through her leadership, artistry, and commitment to justice, she is dedicated to reshaping the landscape of the arts, supporting artists in their work and developing avenues for wider arts access.

Panelist: Tara Lee Burns


Tara Lee Burns comes from a varied dance history of live performance, projection design, and digital making having worked as both a professional dancer/performer and digital collaborator with many NYC & New England dance theater companies and independent artists. Her performance experiences and influences cross international waters and are infused with performative somatics and technology integration evidenced by her research. She has created live and digital works for proscenium, black box, installation, device, and hybrid technologies with dancers, iPad and smart phones, bags of topsoil, film, 60-foot strings of elastic, projection, parachute cord, VR-headsets, and virtual objects.

Panelist: Sangjun Yoo


Sangjun Yoo explores the temporal and architectural evolution of screens, where invisibility transforms into visibility, blending image and information. Unveiling the mind's processes amid a visually saturated reality, his work prompts viewers to reveal the process of the mind in perceiving specific things amid a variety of appearances that drive one’s perspective to somewhere over physical distance. Rooted in research on screens, digital tools, and user interaction, Yoo's current focus delves into the interplay between technology and perception, unraveling the phenomenology of distance and imagined space.

Panelist: Dr. Rachel Grimsby


Dr. Rachel Grimsby is an assistant professor of music education at James Madison University with over fifteen years of experience teaching elementary general and choral music. Her research interests, while varied, are centered in teaching music to students with disabilities, preservice music teacher preparation as it relates to teaching music to students with disabilities, and the relationship between music and language acquisition. Rachel has presented practitioner and research sessions at state, national, and international conferences. She has been published in the Orff Echo, the Journal of Music Teacher Education, International Journal of Music Education, Research Studies in Music Education, Qualitative Research in Music Education, and Music Educators Journal.

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