Employers post part-time, seasonal, internship and post-graduate openings free of charge for appropriate periods of time, based on specified application deadlines using our online recruiting platform Handshake. Postings must meet the following criteria in order to receive approval from JMU's Recruiting Services Program:

  • Third party employers, search firms or employment agencies must fully disclose their status and information related to the organization(s) they are representing.
  • Employers may not charge any "up front" fee as a contingency for employment, training, and/or work placement.
  • There will be no solicitation of students, products or services, which includes the hiring of students to solicit for donations, products or services on-campus.
  • Employer representatives must have an employer affiliated email address.
  • The JMU Recruiting Services Program reserves the right to prohibit any organization from posting using our online recruiting system.
  • Organizations must have a comprehensive website
  • Employers may not work from home and request to hire students to work in that location
  • Job Postings should be submitted to appear on Handshake for no longer than a one year time period.
  • Employers must be an equal opportunity employer, offering employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability, or citizenship unless legally required, and provide equal employment opportunity to disabled veterans, and veterans of the Vietnam era.
  • In compliance with job posting guidelines released by the Department of Justice, JMU does not provide work authorization as part of the screening criteria for job postings, on-campus interviews, or Career Fair registrations. Learn more about the Department of Justice online job posting guidelines. JMU assumes that the employer will advise all job applicants about their requirements regarding any specific job in compliance with various federal and state legislation. Volunteering of this information could be provided in the position description, at the time that students submit their applications and/or when a prospective applicant makes a position-specific inquiry.


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