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How do they work?

Information sessions are typically held the evening prior to an employer's first interview day and provide employers with an opportunity to meet with students in a less formal environment prior to the interview. Hosting an information session is a good option because:

  • It serves as an efficient way to communicate any relevant info that you wish students to know because it is done in a group setting.
  • By communicating important company information prior to the interview, it allows more time for you to get to know your candidates during the actual interview.

An information table can be set up at various high traffic locations across campus. This offers you the opportunity to get the word out to students about your organization’s available positions and culture.

The key to success in hosting information sessions or tables is to advertise your session to students prior to your arrival on campus. If you are conducting on campus interviews, please email the students that you have selected to interview to inform them of your information session.

How do I set up an Information Session or Table?
  • Log into Recruit-A-Duke.
  • Click on the Career Fairs & Information Sessions tab (next, click on the Information Sessions tab located further down the screen).
  • Fill out the form to make a reservation online (all rooms are equipped with computer setup and projection screen).
  • At this point, a member of our staff will make arrangements to secure a location based on information submitted on your reservation request and provide you with details as soon as your confirmation is received concerning space reservation on campus from our Events and Conferences office.
  • Please use the campus map to locate the facility in which your information session will be held.
  • If you wish to place an order to have food available at your information session, please contact the Special Events office at (540) 568-6637. Refreshments from vendors other than JMU Dining Services/Aramark are not permitted at on-campus events. You should schedule catering at least one week in advance.
Office Hours in the Interview Center
  • If you have candidates that you would like to meet with or would like to be available to answer questions one-on-one with interested students, then you may reserve a Room Only Reservation in Recruit-A-Duke to hold office hours in our Interview Center. Our office can help you promote and schedule your office hours.
Parking Arrangements
  • Parking arrangements vary depending on the location of your event. Once a member of our staff has secured a location for your event and approved your request, you will receive a confirmation email providing driving and parking instructions by location.
  • Parking passes must be displayed in vehicles parked on campus at all times to avoid parking citations, unless otherwise noted in your confirmation details.
  • Our office has telepresence capabilities if you are unable to travel to James Madison University or would like to connect with our students remotely. You are welcome to conduct virtual information sessions or hold webinars through use of our video conferencing software.
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