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Schedule an Appointment

Current students can schedule appointments with Career & Academic Advisors to discuss majors and careers, jobs, internships, and graduate school.

Schedule an Appointment in Handshake

  • If the link above does not prompt you to log in, simply log in to your Handshake account and select Career Center > Appointments > Schedule a New Appointment. 
  • Note: If you are an Undeclared student with an advisor in CAP and you have advising questions, choose “Meet with my CAP Academic Advisor” as the appointment type, and your advisor’s name as the counselor.
  • Most appointments are offered in the CAP Office (SSC 3210) but some are elsewhere on campus, so pay attention to the location.
  • Call 540-568-6555 if you have difficulty scheduling your appointment, or if you would like to schedule a phone, email, or Skype appointment.

Weekly Drop-In Resume Reviews 

Check our events calendar to find out when Career Educators (undergraduate JMU students trained as peer educators) and CAP staff are available for drop-in resume reviews. Times may vary from one semester to the next. Just sign in on the clipboard in the Resource Center when you arrive. Make the most of your resume review by checking out our resume advice beforehand.

Contact Us (about appointments) (about logging in to Handshake)

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