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Our Mission

Career & Academic Planning engages students with opportunities and resources, leading to informed decisions for academic and career success at JMU and beyond.

Our Vision

The department will be innovative, adaptable, responsible, visible, and diverse so that we can enhance student learning and success. Therefore, we will:

  • Employ technologies that increase our capacity to inform, inspire, guide, and support students, advisors, faculty, employers, and others.
  • Make a real and visible commitment to diversity, thus becoming a more welcoming and multi-culturally competent organization.
  • Develop advising systems, practices, and resources that ensure that students are equipped to make good decisions regarding choice of major and career.
  • Know the characteristics and needs of our students and use that knowledge to design, deliver, and assess quality learning opportunities.
  • Establish a clear departmental identity and marketing strategy that is consistent with our mission and attractive to students, faculty, and employers.
  • Employ staffing and professional development practices that increase our capacity to impact student learning and effectively manage departmental affairs.

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