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The Environmental Humanities minor invites students from all majors to discover how their creative and critical thinking skills can lead them to environmental engagement now and in their professional futures. Environmental Humanities is an interdisciplinary minor offering opportunities to explore the complex interactions between humans and the natural environment though the study of literature, history, communication, religion, philosophy, and the visual and performing arts.


1. To study and develop creative expressions of the environmental imagination.
2. To develop critical and ethical thinking about nature and culture.
3. To encourage reflection on the way environmental issues intersect with race, ethnicity, sex, gender, class, religion, and health.

Student Learning Objectives

1. Students will be able to articulate broad historical and cultural views of the complex interactions between humans and the natural and material environment.
2. Students will be able to analyze and/or produce an expressive, creative work that illustrates the complexity of human interaction with the environment.


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