Professor of Biology

B.S. - University of Rhode Island 
M.S. - University of South Florida 
Ph.D. - University of Maryland 

Phone - 540-568-6668
Fax - 540-568-3333
Office - Bioscience 1028A

Office Hours    | Personal web page:

Courses:   Organisms (BIO 114), Biometrics (BIO 454/554), Marine and Freshwater Invertebrates (BIO 409), Scientific Perspectives (GSCI 104)

Research Interests:  Genome reorganization, chromatin diminution, and molecular systematics in copepods

Ongoing project areas in my laboratory include:

  • Role of transposable elements in genome reorganization of copepods
  • Molecular systematics and cryptic speciation in Cyclops (Crustacea: Copepoda)
  • Molecular systematics of marine and freshwater cyclopoid copepods
  • Quantitative behavior of DNA during development in Mesocyclops edax (Crustacea: Copepoda)
  • Evolution of genome size

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