• Put on appropriate equipment for clean up. The minimum requirements during a cleanup are gloves and eye protection to protect yourself from exposure.

          Putting on Gloves                              Eyeglasses

  • Lay a paper towel on the spill to absorb as much as possible
  • Gently spray or pour the disinfectant onto the towel from the outer edge inward


          Clorox Bleach                                     Spray Bottle

  • Allow the disinfectant to stay in place for 20 minutes to assure that the elimination of the infectious waste.
  • Dispose of waste in a RED biohazard bag.

                                Biohazard Bag

  • Reapply the disinfectant to the surface for final cleanup with clean paper towel or cloth
  • Decontaminate the items used for cleanup appropriately.


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