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We promote university and individual success through service and collaboration.


Strategic partners providing innovative solutions.


Integrity - We are deeply committed to integrity and strive to do things right. We will act in an honest, truthful and ethical manner.

Relationships - We are committed to building and maintaining positive relationships based on trust, respect and encouragement.

Leadership - We are committed to lead. As leaders, we will influence others through our character, humility and example. We will make decisions, take a stand (or a step) in order to encourage, inspire or motivate others to ensure positive change.

Service - We are committed to serving others with excellence. Going beyond solving problems by demonstrating understanding and respect for customer feelings and needs.

Collaboration - We are committed to reaching out to others and seeking opportunities to create, facilitate and manage strategic partnerships.

Learning - We are committed to the belief that learning is a life-long process. The knowledge gained and shared through personal interactions and professional development is critical to achieving and maintaining excellence.

Compassion – We are committed to treating others with compassion. In all our dealings, we will strive to be aware of the suffering of others, and we will attempt to relieve individual and organizational suffering whenever possible.

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