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Episode 5: Jessica Del Vecchio and Eamonn Farrell

A chat with feminist theatre scholar and former JMU professor Jessica Del Vecchio and theatre-maker-video-designer Eamonn Farrell. 

Learn more about Anonymous Ensemble's work here. Read "'But How Will They Know It's Live?': Anonymous Ensemble's Digital Performances" here

Episode 4: What is the Office of Creative Propulsion? With David Stringham

Join Executive Director David Stringham and new Centering the Arts host Rebecca Kenaga in a conversation about the Office of Creative Propulsion. 

Episode 3: Judith Ofcarcik

Tune in for a discussion around music theory with Judith Ofcarcik

Episode 2: Rachel Rhoades

Theatre and drama educator, practioner, and researcher Rachel Rhoades talks about her practice and philosophy in theatre arts. 

Episode 1: Kyle Hackett

Painter and JMU Professor Kyle Hackett discusses his backgrouund and artistic process. 

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