Asian Pacific Islander and Desi American (APIDA) Caucus:

Constitution and Bylaws 


Section 1. Name 

The name of this organization shall be the Asian Pacific Islander and Desi American (APIDA) Caucus.


Section 1. Policy 

Recognizing its obligation to advocate for fair representation and inclusion of all people, particularly Asians, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Desi Americans (APIDA), it is the policy of the Caucus to address all appropriate matters coming before it in accordance with James Madison University (JMU) and its surrounding communities

Section 2. Purpose 

The APIDA Caucus is an organization for the people whose purpose is to be an advocate for APIDA issues at JMU and its surrounding community. Our goals are to cultivate a supportive and inclusive community on JMU campus as well as in the Harrisonburg and Shenandoah Valley area, promote social and cultural dimensions of APIDA topics as related to education and well-being, and encourage a vibrant engagement with the diversity of  APIDA cultures.

Section 3. Principles 

  • The Caucus shall be respectful of all cultural, religious, and political views in accordance with JMU principles. Concurrently, the Caucus will defend and advocate for policies, positions, and perspectives that protect and advance its members and the APIDA population at JMU and its surrounding communities

  • The Madison AAPI Caucus shall reach out within the JMU and its surrounding communities and appropriate educational agencies and direct itself toward the goals and objectives herewith stated. 

  • All general Caucus meetings are open to Caucus members and invited guests. 

  • The Caucus shall work closely with and support all APIDA student organizations on JMU campus. 


Section 1. 

Actively participate in the recruitment and retention of APIDA students, faculty, and staff through a mentoring program and co-sponsored events with APIDA student organizations, coordination with Virginia K-12 organizations, or by participating in JMU faculty and staff searches or visitations. 

Section 2.

Seek to be informed about issues in the campus and local community related to the education of  APIDA students and education about APIDA histories and cultures (e.g. K-12, higher education and related issues in the commonwealth).


Section 1: Qualifications 

The Caucus shall be an organization open to JMU faculty, staff and community members with Asian, Asian-American, Pacific Islander or Desi American heritage and identity, who endorse and will work toward the goals of this Caucus

Section 2: Rights and Privileges 

The members of the Caucus shall have the right to participate in deliberations and to vote on all matters coming before the body.

  • Members shall be admitted to the Caucus as individuals, and not as representatives of departments, colleges or organizations. 

  • Members are invited to introduce any relevant topics of discussions through our Caucus private email list or as new business during Caucus meetings. 

  • Members shall respect the privacy of the Caucus email discussions and will not copy non-members or share or copy members' comments outside the discussion threads or closed meetings. 


Section 1. General Membership Meetings

The Caucus shall meet at least twice per year between September and May, unless otherwise determined by the chair. These meetings shall be designated general membership meetings. It shall be the duty of the Steering Committee or chair to send a notice to each member, at least three (3) weeks prior to the meetings via email. 

Section 2. Special Meetings 

Special meetings for any purpose whatsoever may be called at any time by the chair, upon a written request to the chair at least 24 hours prior to the proposed meeting. 


Section 1. Steering Committee or Co-Chairs 

The officers of the Caucus shall be known as the Steering Committee. The officers of the Steering Committee shall consist of three (3) members elected by the membership for a term of three (3) years to the offices of chair, vice-chair, and communication director for the option of co-chairs that will lead for the same duration. 

Section 2. Elections 

Elections shall be held during the first meeting of the year, unless special circumstances require a different time frame. Terms of office will begin immediately after the elections. Voting may occur in person or over email directed by the current chair of the organization. 

Section 3. Duties 

The Steering Committee shall be in charge of the administration of the business of the Caucus; The Steering Committee shall both schedule and announce meetings for the fall and spring semesters as well as record and distribute minutes of the general meetings via campus mail and email prior to the next general meeting. 


Section 1. Constitution and Bylaws 

This constitution and bylaws may be amended by the affirmative vote of the majority of the members present at any general membership meeting. Any member of the Caucus may propose amendments. Amendments shall become effective if adopted after the revised constitution and bylaws have been rewritten and presented to the membership at the next general membership meeting for final approval. Adoption and approval will be by a show of hands of the majority of the members present. Under certain circumstances, elections can be held online via the Internet. 


Section 1. 

This Constitution, its By-laws, were approved by the active membership on April 23, 2021 and became effective immediately.

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