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Explore the possibilites of pursuing a legal profession with guidance from expert advisers every step of the way.

At JMU, the Pre-Law program is a four-year process of exploring your interests, developing your talents and honing your skills alongside advisors who can offer valuable insight through each step of the process: considering a legal profession, preparing for law school, applying to law school and choosing a law school. The program is not a major or minor, and there are no courses or requirements. Individual advising is the main component of the program, and it is available on a regular basis throughout the academic year.

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Students who plan to apply to law school may select their major from a wide range of fields, depending upon their interests. The scope of the law is broad and offers room for individuals of varied educational and intellectual backgrounds. Students should choose courses that provide them with broad informational and cultural preparation and develop their reasoning abilities.

Especially valuable to a pre-law program are courses in:

  • Communication, including composition, language and speech, which enable students to express themselves well.
  • The humanities and social sciences, which help students to appreciate and perform effectively in their culture and society.
  • Logic, mathematics and the natural sciences, which develop skills of fact discrimination, analysis and synthesis.
  • Accounting and economics.

Also important to the pre-law program is Phi Alpha Delta, a student organization that organizes law-related activities.

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